Loved this site! Take peek at! Truly gave me INSPO that I was needing!  (click the link below the picture also)

Clutter is something that sneaks up and bites me every 5-10 years! Yep, I can’t remember the last time I really purged… We cleaned out old Christmas decor last year. We’ve purged the attic. Still, I feel that was the, “I don’t really care about that stuff anyway.” Kinda feels like I’ve been cheating…On myself! Yikes! Seriously!

It has gotten to the point where it is draining me, trying to keep it from falling off a shelf or in the way of getting in and out of the garage. I was in the process of finishing up the last leg of my office purge when I decided to look up the best way to organize my files….Geez! 

There are so many “excusable excuses” for me to cheat my way through all the clutter. Here are few of mine: 
1.) I have kids that may NEED this when they get their own 
place OR get a larger house OR have kids of their own 
2) This will come in handy with staging 
3) It took me so long to find this! I have to keep it! 
4.) There’s still room to store things 
5.) It’s an antique, a member of the family…I grew up with it.

It also hits me square, because I assist many clients with this very thing prepping their house for a sale. It’s so much easier giving out the instructions rather than taking a dose of your own medicine. There’s such gratification in the process…I know this all too well. Taking my own advice now. Gonna set the timer for 30 minutes and focus.
Focus. Focus. Focus.

Defining Clutter