This melts my heart!  TRUE!  This photo has a lot to do with it; however, recent grumblings from a social media influencer has sparked banter and discourse amongst the economic gurus of our industry.  Which, is why my heart is happy!  

READ this article for all the tangible benefits of Homeownership.  Then SHARE the benefits of what makes your HOME a place of the intangible. 

 For me, it’s the countless contributions having a home has afforded my family.  Entertaining friends, neighbors and family.  Sheltering wayward youth for a weekend or two; caring for a sick relative.  Sure, as long as you have shelter…anyone could provide these things.  It’s the endearing part that lives within the walls and the confines of our memory.   I have lived in both worlds, those I owned for short periods of time-known as a lease and homeownership in three residences. 

 In my opinion there is no comparison!  Not to mention the financial wealth building that our first home provided.  Leverage to reinvest and improve viability is able to be mathematically calculated; however, in my mind…It truly is priceless!  

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